XXX Horitsuba Reservoir Chronicles
Fai D. Flowright in Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations

"Mokona is Mokona. You count them one Mokona, two Mokona, and then you’d stop. There’s only two."



↳ Series (3/7) xxxHOLiC
I have to take it back, no matter what.

ㅤㅤ • 39 couples that deserves all the happiness Sakura x Shaoran (Card Captors Sakura)

”- I understand my feelings… The one that I love most is you!
ㅤ – Thank you… Can I name this bear ‘Sakura’?

ㅤ – And I can name the one you gave me ‘Shaoran’?
ㅤ – Yes… When I’m done with what I have to do in Hong Kong, I’ll come back!
ㅤ – When?!
ㅤ – It will take time, will you wait for me?!
ㅤ – Yes!
ㅤ I will wait forever because Shaoran-kun is the one I love most. Sakura & Shaoran, vol. 12.


New Cardcaptor Sakura goods in honor of the 15th anniversary of the anime [x]

SyaoSaku in school plays

New Tsubasa preview.


New Tsubasa preview.